Potential for Severe Weather Arrives Wednesday Afternoon

Good Evening,

The Storm Prediction Center of America has placed a good portion of the viewing area under a Marginal to Slight Risk for Severe Weather for Wednesday afternoon and evening.

After an initial burst of heavy showers and some isolated thunderstorms early Wednesday, a cluster of scattered thunderstorms gradually gelling into a defined line is expected to enter our westernmost countries by 3:00 P.M .ET.

By 5:00 P.M. ET, the model data indicates a bit more organization and some intensification of the anticipated thunderstorms. However, it does appear as though the strongest storms will remain to the south of Greater Lafayette tomorrow.

The primary line of of strong to Severe storms should pass to the east of our easternmost counties between 7:00 P.M .ET and 8:00 P.M .ET. It’s likely that after this point, our risk for Severe Weather will have concluded for the evening.

That being said, scattered rainfall will continue on through the remainder of the overnight hours and remain a constant (along with a wintry mixture and possibly wet snowfall) throughout the day on Thursday.

While the most significant risk for Severe Weather will indeed stay to our south, some of the aforementioned thunderstorms may generate large hail and damaging wind gusts. Isolated tornadoes also remain a possibility.

By the time the rain (and/or wintry mixture) subsides Thursday night, we’ll have accumulated our fair share of total rainfall. Localized flooding may end up being a problem due to additional 2″+ of rainfall we’re expected to receive over the next 48 hours!

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