A Calmer and Cooler Friday Ahead

Good Evening,

Our risk for Severe Weather has officially concluded with the passage of the organized line of showers and storms earlier this evening.

A potent supercell thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon sapped much of the potential energy across our southernmost counties. While there was still an ample supply of convective energy at the surface, it wasn’t enough to push many of our storms past the Severe threshold. (Winds of 60 mph and/or 1″ Hail)

Scattered rain showers will continue to wrap in around and behind the core of low pressure responsible for today’s strong storms.

As the low passes to our east over the coming hours, a cooler air mass flowing southeastward from the upper Great Plains will gradually drop temperatures to their lowest point in over a week.

It’s likely that we’ll record Friday’s high temperature at 12:00 A.M. ET. Temperatures are expected to be on a gradual decline throughout the day tomorrow; after reaching 54° around the midnight hours, overnight lows should dip as low as the upper 30s for many of us.

Fortunately, Saturday morning’s low of 39° appears to be the coolest on our extended forecast up until at least the next midweek!

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