Purdue looks to public for feedback on master plan

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A new master plan is in the works at Purdue University, and the public was able to voice their opinions on many different topics the plan addresses.

It was a busy day for Michael Gulich and the Department of Physical Facilities as students, staff and community members learned more about the plan.

“I think it is very important to get feedback from our campus stakeholders,” Gulich said. “They are the ones, whether it’s students, faculty, alumni or folks from the community, they are the ones that use our campus, so they have a unique perspective on what’s working or what can be improved.”

Ricardo Berumen is a senior at Purdue.

“We are trying to make the campus more green,” Berumen said. “People suggested gardens on rooftops. I suggested more solar panels and wind mills. I think it would be nice to make Purdue more sustainable.”

Roseanne Rehn isn’t a student, but she lives among them. She and her family have lived on what used to be called “The Island” on the middle of Purdue’s campus since 1950. So she has seen a lot of change.

“My main concern right now are the houses that have been bought by Purdue but have not been torn down and are in disrepair at this point, and that’s a little dangerous,” Rehn said.

Both Rehn and Berumen are happy Purdue allows the public to have a voice.

“We support Purdue in whatever they are doing. But we want to make sure things are taken care of while in process,” said Rehn.

“I would like to be able to look back and say they did incorporate some of the ideas that I gave and make the university a better place,” Berumen said.