Dayton residents divided on annexation plan

Annexation could add more than 100 homes to the town of Dayton by the end of the year.

DAYTON, Ind. (WLFI) — Annexation could add more than 100 homes to the town of Dayton by the end of the year.

“This is probably going to change the look of Dayton within a few years, almost overnight,” said town council member Ron Koehler.

Koehler has lived in Dayton 44 years and said he moved there because of its openness.

“The question out here in Dayton is the density,” Koehler said. “Do we want to look like the south end of Lafayette with houses one on top of the another?”

M&C Development is asking the town council to rezone about 55 acres on Dayton Road, south of the current town limits. The company wants to build 110 new homes in late summer or early fall.

“Some people for it, and a lot of people against it,” Koehler said.

Attorney Ryan Munden said that’s not what he is hearing. Munden represents M&C Development.

“The majority of what we’re hearing is certainly positive,” Munden said. “There’s a lot of misinformation going around out there.”

Munden hopes to clear things up soon.

The next scheduled meeting on the annexation will take place Monday, a time Munden and the home builders plan to ask the council for permission to create a fiscal plan.

“It’s going to spell out exactly what impacts the annexation is going to have on the town’s ability to provide services to the current town,” Munden said.

As for the territory proposed to be annexed — the plan is to have the annexation petition filled before the city council meeting in May.

“And they would introduce it at the May meeting, and at that May 1 meeting, they would schedule the public hearing,” Munden said.

Koehler hopes all opinions will be heard if the annexation happens.

“And have a compromise where you have some nice houses on decent sized lots and it sort of fades from in town out into the country,” Koehler said.