Meals on Wheels celebrates March with annual ‘March for Meals’

Volunteers came to Jenks Rest on Wednesday to help take donations to Meals on Wheels Clients. (WLFI photo)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — March is a month Meals on Wheels celebrates nationally as March for Wheels.

Throughout the month, Meals on Wheels encourages new volunteers to come out and help deliver meals.

On Wednesday, West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis and Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski helped out by running meals to clients in their cities.

The Tippecanoe County Council on Aging partners with Meals on Wheels to help get meals to clients.

“Without our volunteers we could not reach our approximately 150 folks that we deliver to a day. And now we have over 180 active clients in the Greater Lafayette Meals on Wheels program,” said executive director of Tippecanoe County Council on Aging, Bill Glick.

Other than getting more volunteers, Meals on Wheels uses March to help raise awareness about food insecurity in America.

“We really want to raise awareness about the fact that most people in America don’t really give enough credence to the fact that we have so many folks who are food insecure,” said Glick.