Residents concerned about completiton of Happy Hollow construction

Work on Happy Hollow is expected to wrap up April 6. (WLFI)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Construction on Happy Hollow Road in West Lafayette is entering its final week. But some neighbors are concerned about what might happen when workers and cones leave the area.

While residents are excited to say goodbye to orange cones and loud noises, they worry what a newly paved road might mean to those passing through.

“Because people go up to 50 mph, maybe even faster, passing each other going down the hill,” Happy Hollow resident Errol Dogar said.

“I think a lot of the community sees this not as a residential area — but as a shortcut to get from one point to another,” Happy Hollow resident Cheryl Cooky said.

They’d like to enjoy what they waited two years to get.

“One of the things that the community really liked about this construction project was not just the kind of infrastructure aspect of it — but the fact that we have this beautiful pedestrian walkway that we can use and it increases safety,” Cooky said.

But at this point, some neighbors don’t feel safe on the new path. That’s why they’re suggesting an electronic sign that tells drivers how fast they’re going.

“Right on top of the hill or maybe a little lower,” Dogar said. “That would be a good thing.”

“Having more speed limit signs would also be useful,” added Cooky. “As well as the police getting out and actually ticketing people when they drive recklessly or when they go above the speed limit.”

Don’t get them wrong, they’re happy with the work so far.

“This has been a really positive experience for the community,” said Cooky. “The construction workers have been really friendly in hearing our concerns the city of West Lafayette has also been responsive in terms of hearing our concerns.”

They hope, with a few more steps, Happy Hollow will finally get the happy ending it’s been waiting for.

News 18 asked West Lafayette city engineer Ed Garrison if electronic signs would be a possibility in the neighborhood. Garrison said he will talk to the West Lafayette Police Department to try to work something out.

The Happy Hollow project is expected to wrap up April 6.