Kidnapping leads to four-county police pursuit; driver killed following gunfire

Driver dead following a four county police pursuit. WLFI/File Photo

PULASKI COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — An early morning kidnapping led to a police chase that spanned four counties. It ended when the suspect was shot and killed.

He was identified Tuesday evening as Peter Doffin Jr. of Lafayette.

“We don’t see a whole lot of things like that. It was kind of shocking,” said Pulaski County resident Dawn Howard.

Just before 5 a.m. Tuesday, police received reports Doffin kidnapped his teenage daughter from a Warren County residence.

Officers spotted the suspected vehicle heading east on State Road 26 in Tippecanoe County, just west of West Lafayette.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said Doffin kept driving when police tried to pull him over. A low-speed chase through Tippecanoe, Carroll and White counties ensued. Speeds varied between 30-50 mph.

“Stop sticks were deployed several times,” said Riley. “A couple wheels on the front were blown, [but] he continued to drive his vehicle.”

The pursuit finally ended on U.S. 421, between Monon and Francesville in Pulaski County.

Police say Doffin bailed out of the car, showed a weapon and made threatening gestures. That’s when multiple officers fired, killing Doffin.

“We’ll look at the investigation,” Riley said. “At this point in time, we’ll see if there’s a justification for the shooting, make sure everybody went right.”

Howard lives just up the road in Medaryville. She credits a social media page for keeping her up to date on the pursuit.

“I have Facebook and they have a White County scanner … that you can go on and they were giving details when they went past people’s house and stuff,” said Howard. “That was scary. I have family that lives here in town.”

She said the minute-to-minute updates could have kept people out of harm’s way.

“There was a lot of information on there to alert people. There really was,” Howard said. “Even when they flattened the tires, it was pretty detailed.”

Neither the girl who was in the vehicle or any of the responding officers were hurt.

Sgt. Riley said some vehicles, including the Monon Town Marshal’s car, were damaged.