6 weeks after unsolved murders in Delphi, there’s still hope

Photo shows Libby German, left, and Abby Williams, right. (Photos Provided)

DELPHI, Ind. (WLFI) — Monday marks six weeks since 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German were killed near the Monon High Bridge in Carroll County. Their killer is still out on the loose and while some are getting frustrated, they aren’t losing hope.

News 18 caught up with one of the Delphi residents we spoke to about the tragedy six weeks ago, Ron Cripe.

“The day after I talked to you the last time, I was thinking about it and I just started crying in the store,” said Cripe outside the Delphi Courthouse Square.

Even though it has been six weeks, Cripe said he feels the same way.

“I’m going to start [crying] now,” said Cripe. “It’s just a terrible thing and it’s affected people even like me, who doesn’t know anybody involved. I still want to cry for them.”

This six-week milestone hasn’t affected Cripe’s hope in the investigation though.

“Maybe if in six months we still don’t have a clue, then I’d be thinking this might not get solved,” he said.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said, “Don’t lose hope, we’re not yet. We have not given up on this. We are still into this until the end.”

He said the more tips they clear, the closer they are to the killer.

“It actually makes it easier for us to do our job,” said Riley.

That’s why police say they are scaling back resources. Not because they’re losing faith, but because they don’t need as many people running down tips now that the number is finally manageable.

But they still encourage people to report information.

“It’s frustrating that this town is dealing with this problem,” said Cripe. “It would just be so nice if the police got the clues they need and were able to solve this. Anybody that can offer anything to help, and I know they’ve had thousands and thousands of tips, keep giving them.”

We asked Riley if police plan to release more audio or video from German’s cellphone to help the public identify the man in that recording. Riley said not at this time.

Since many students are off for spring break and the weather is getting warmer, Riley said people should go out and enjoy the trails. He just suggests being smart about it.

Riley said don’t go to the trails in pairs. Instead, go with larger groups of people, bring a cellphone if you can and look out for anyone suspicious.