Neighboring community gathers to help bring justice for Delphi teens

Residents gathered outside of the White County courthouse Saturday night for a memorial service to honor Liberty German, Abigail Williams, and their families. (WLFI Photo)

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) — As Delphi continues to mourn the loss of Liberty German and Abigail Williams, surrounding communities continue to do their part to help in the search for justice.

Residents gathered outside of the White County Courthouse Saturday night for a memorial service to honor the teens’ families.

They held a prayer service, listened to speakers and live music, as well as heard a speech from Abby’s mother Anna.

The musical group, The Singing Contractors, were among the groups that performed at Saturday evening’s vigil.

They said it’s the little things like this that can go a long way.

“It’s something, as small as it is, it’s the only thing left that we have,” said Josh Arnett, a member of The Singing Contractors. “[We can just] pray and encourage the family and the friends for justice. We just need to keep each other encouraged and pray that justice will be found.”

Another member of The Singing Contractors, Aaron Gray, said, “It’s so close to home. We just want this guy found, whoever it may be. [We want] everybody to not forget he’s out there. He will be brought to justice.”

The Singing Contractors said they were honored to be a part of Saturday’s memorial.

They created a video to help with all of the efforts toward catching the person responsible.