Coach Jake Burton’s tweet sparks investigation

WLFI File Photo

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Current Tippecanoe School Corporation Board member Jake Burton is under investigation at Twin Lakes High School due to a tweet he sent from a baseball account he created for the school’s team.

The tweet, which Burton has since deleted, was saved by News 18. It reads, in part, “If I knew being an Indian was gonna be this much fun, I would have sent that email a long time ago.”

The email he’s referring to was the reason Burton resigned from coaching McCutcheon baseball in November 2015. It was a memo meant to inform the whole staff about departmental concerns.

Burton told News 18 in November 2015 that he sent an inappropriate line – “Stop blowing your horn and go F— yourself,” as a joke to a few administrators, but ended up sending it to all staff members. He says he didn’t mean for this to be sent out to the whole staff and apologized to those he offended.

But now, some question whether his apology was sincere due to his newest tweet.

Twin Lakes Superintendent Michael Galvin says in no way does the tweet reflect the attitude of the athletic department at the school.

“We teach our kids good sportsmanship, as well as respect for our competitors,” Galvin said. “And we have been on the field several times with McCutcheon and feel they have a great program and respect their program.”

Galvin says the Twin Lakes baseball Twitter account was created by Burton and has no affiliation to the school corporation itself. He says Burton uses the account to inform fans, parents and players.

TSC School Board president Linda Day also made a statement regarding Burton’s tweet saying, in part:

“Please know that I believed then and I still believe today that the ’email’ referred to was highly inappropriate and should not in any way be taken as a reflection of my opinions and thoughts or that of any other part of TSC for which I am able to speak.”

Day also hopes Burton learned his lesson.

“When we speak publicly as with this tweet, we need to be aware that what we say may have consequences or impacts we may not intend,” Day said. “As a new board member, hopefully, Mr. Burton now understands this and will give consideration to it in the future.”

We reached out to Burton for comment but he declined our request.