West Lafayette makes final push to remove hazardous trees

West Lafayette spent about $22,000 to remove the infected ash trees and another $31,000 toward planting a variety of new trees in 2016. (WLFI File Photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The final push is underway to get rid of hazardous trees in West Lafayette. News 18 takes a look at the project and the impact it will have on drivers.

Last fall there was about 112 infected ash trees in West Lafayette, specifically in the area along Soldiers Home Road. Most of those have been removed, thanks to the Sagamore Parkway Urban Revitalization team. Now, only 19 infected trees remain.

The project will take place near the Soldiers Home Road ramp, just off Sagamore Parkway. The removal process will start in the next few weeks, but should only take a day or two.

Seventy new trees will be planted by June 1.

Bryce Patz, Neighborhood Vitality member, said removing the hazardous trees really refreshes the area.

“It’s amazing what a difference it made last fall when those trees were gone, most people kind of drive by them and don’t even notice them,” Patz said. “But once those infected, mostly dead ash trees were removed, you just saw a brand new difference.”

Patz said for him personally, he thinks everyone is doing an amazing job on the project.

“The contractor that’s installing the trees is Green Vision, and they’re a great group to work with. They keep in constant communication, so it’s nice to see that everything generally runs smoothly.”

Patz said the road will remain open to drivers during the tree removal.

The team has until May 1 to remove all hazardous trees for the project.