Purdue basketball team inspired by 6-year-old ‘Kindness Ninja’

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Pittsboro 6-year-old who calls himself the “Kindness Ninja” has made it his mission to spread kindness through letter writing. He recently reached out to members of his favorite basketball team as they prepare for the Sweet 16.

Brad Ades is like any other 6-year-old. He enjoys shooting hoops, drawing and playing with his younger siblings. But he’s also known for his kindness.

“I just wanted to lift other people’s hearts to make them feel very good,” Brad Ades said.

Brad’s mom, Shawna Ades, tells News 18 it all started a couple of weeks ago.

“My husband and I have tried to always be very intentional on how we raise our kids and teach them life lessons – to be humble and kind,” Brad’s mother said.

Brad’s mother learned just how seriously her son took those messages after she found a special letter while cleaning his room.

“I saw a note on his desk, and it was addressed to Hunter. I know that Hunter is one of his best friends at school, and as I continued to read it. It wasn’t signed from Brad, it was signed the Kindness Ninja,” Shawna Ades said.

Brad now writes kindness letters to his friends and family, always signing it with #TheKindnessNinja.

“Because I’m kind — so maybe I can be a ninja too,” Brad Ades said.

He typically writes eight to 10 letters daily.

“He told me, ‘Well, this is the way that I want to write letters to other people, so that I can be kind to them without them knowing it’s me,'” Shawna Ades said.

He also recently wrote letters to his favorite basketball team – The Purdue Boilermakers. He said a true kindness ninja wouldn’t just write to his favorite players, so Brad wrote a letter to every player on the team.

“He asked for the roster, so I got the whole roster and the names that he didn’t know,” Shawna Ades said. “He went through and he wrote their name, and he said things like, ‘great job’ or ‘make that three.'”

“I just want to make everybody happy — not just a couple,” Brad Ades said.

His kindness didn’t go unnoticed.

Purdue junior forward Vince Edwards recalls reading letters from Brad.

“I remember getting one from him specifically,” Edwards said. “A couple of others letter came through and those were really inspirational and it was just saying, good luck to you guys.”

If the letters were meant to be good luck — they worked. The Purdue team hasn’t stopped yet, and neither has Brad.

“Even though I don’t like IU, I may even do some today for them,” Brad Ades said.

Brad’s mother said he even wrote a letter to the “mean kid” in class in hopes it will make him a little nicer to everyone.