West Lafayette Parks announce master plan

A member of the crowd peruses a handout from the West Lafayette parks department.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — After much deliberation and input from the community, the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department released its Master Plan Monday night.

Representatives from the design consultation firm went over the plan for the future of the West Lafayette parks system.

Touching on nearly every aspect, the plan lays out details for maintenance on existing parks, plans for new parks and new trails. It even has a plan for a brand new multimillion-dollar indoor recreation and aquatics center.

Both parks staff and community members are pleased with the direction the project is heading.

“There is a commitment among the citizenry or the elected officials to have a high quality of life, and this is one of those elements to continue that aspect,” said Janet Fawley, the city’s parks director.

Others shared Fawley’s excitement.

“I think the vision that they have laid out not only with Cumberland Park, which is the facility we use the most, but the vision they have laid out for all the other parks in West Lafayette is very impressive,” said Rodney Tucker, president of the Greater Lafayette Regional Soccer Alliance.

The Morton Community Center will also be receiving some attention. The building will get new windows and an HVAC system, as well as technology upgrades so it can continue to be the cultural hub of West Lafayette.