Storms put a damper on weather balloon launch

Monday's storms derailed plans to launch a weather balloon at Twin Lakes High School. WLFI/File Photo

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) — Monday’s storms derailed plans for a weather balloon launch at Twin Lakes High School. But the day wasn’t a complete wash.

First- and second-graders from Meadowlawn Elementary School took part in prelaunch activities with their high school science buddies. This included mini experiments which were slated to be put inside the balloon.

Following that, the plan was to launch the balloon from the high school’s football field. But due to the weather, it had to be called off.

Students still got a firsthand look at the balloon partially blown up.

Sophomore Grace Dodson said despite the change in plans, students made the best of it.

“I want to go into education when I’m older,” said Dodson. “To see how excited they get, I know that I can bring this in when I start teaching and have my students work with some high school kids because it just shows them great role models.”

There are plans to reschedule the launch for sometime in April.