Purdue students look forward to 6th straight year of flat tuition

For a sixth year in a row, Purdue University will not increase tuition (WLFI).

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — For a sixth year in a row, Purdue University will not increase tuition.

“The biggest thing people are looking at is if can they afford to go to school,” said Purdue student Nicholas Morgan.

For Purdue students, it may be more affordable than most schools. The school’s tuition will stay at 2012 rates, marking the sixth straight year of flat tuition.

The costs are as follows: in-state students pay $10,002, out-of-state students pay $28,804 and international students pay $30,804.

“I feel pretty good about it,” said Morgan. “College is super expensive so it’s good that the president is trying to keep things cheap or as cheap as possible.”

President Mitch Daniels made the announcement Monday.

“It’s a combination of larger enrollments, and some efficiencies which people all over this campus have participated in ways small and large,” said Daniels. “And there’s been some improvements with fundraising, some growth in research – which helps cover some of our overhead – and I think those are the four principle contributors.”

Those paying the most to attend appreciate the move to keep old prices.

“It’s awesome because if the rate is increasing for international students, it would be tough for us because we already pay a lot to come here,” said Purdue international student Jiachong Chu.

Room and board costs continue to be at or lower than the 2012-13 levels. Purdue has also dropped from having the second highest rates in the Big Ten to the third lowest for room and board.

Daniels said the tuition freeze is important for future students to consider, as it is currently enrollment season.

He said the university will also offer a 2.5 percent merit raise pool for employees for 2017.