Partnering to become a ‘smart city,’ expanding wireless systems

WLFI Photo

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette, West Lafayette, Purdue University and Tippecanoe County are partnering up become a “smart city,” which will expand wireless systems and benefit residents and schools. News 18 looks at how the project sets the stage for even larger things in the future.

The cities already have wireless access points at different spots. The ones located around the Tippecanoe County Courthouse are housed on top of stoplights circling the courthouse square.

But now, they are expanding those access points. It’s expected to help with public safety, city services and make for more efficient wireless.

The project is called GLOW, which stands for Greater Lafayette outdoor wireless. The expansion will build a framework for a wireless umbrella over the whole community.

GLOW will also upgrade and add wireless access points in downtown Lafayette and add access points in West Lafayette along Northwestern Avenue near campus.

In the Tippecanoe County and Lafayette schools, it will enhance the wireless systems and will also let them be more creative with technology.

Purdue’s vice president for information technology Gerry McCartney says GLOW will make the two cities more appealing.

“You can use it for water management in cities and street light management, parking information,” he said. “You can use it, obviously, to control your traffic lights.”

Purdue University has bought the technology the access points run through for years. But now, the University is offering the cities to get involved at a discounted price.

The cities have bought some devices, but now it’s a matter of time to see how they implement those.