Kindergarten Roundup gets kids on the right track

Students at Dayton Elementary practice their writing skills.

DAYTON, Ind. (WLFI) — Parents who have kids getting ready to start kindergarten in the Tippecanoe School Corporation can give them a head start.

TSC’s Kindergarten Roundup will be Wednesday, April 12, at all elementary schools corporationwide. Times for the event vary from school to school, so parents need to call ahead of time.

At the Roundup, kids go and meet their teachers and visit their future classrooms. They also have the chance to ride a school bus around the block.

Dayton Elementary Principal Courtney Wildoner said students benefit greatly from the event.

“It gets them familiar and comfortable with the kindergarten experience,” Wildoner said. “So that when they come that first day, their fears and any doubts that they have are even keeled and they are ready to go.”

She said the roundup is her favorite part of the year.

“When you stand there and you see these little kindergarteners coming in for the first time, you’re reminded of how small they are when their journey begins,” Wildoner said. “I love to meet them and I love to meet the families.”

Parents need to bring a birth certificate, updated vaccine records and proof of residence.

As News 18 previously reported, Lafayette School Corporation held its Kindergarten Roundup Tuesday.