New public art sculpture erected in downtown Lafayette

The 26-foot tall sculpture shows a man and woman holding the flag of Lafayette with four inspirational words inscribed around them: "believe, kindness, trust and love." (WLFI Photo)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Downtown Lafayette is home to a new public art sculpture.

The sculpture, which depicts a man and woman holding the flag of Lafayette, was put into place Friday afternoon at the corner of Seventh and Main streets in Lafayette.

The 26-foot tall sculpture is one of five downtown public art projects partially funded by a state grant.

Kids from the Hanna Community Center and Hartford Hub chose four words for the sculpture: “believe, kindness, trust and love.”

The artist said his goal is to leave his mark on the Greater Lafayette community.

“The goal is to never do same thing twice, said artist Robert Barnum. “To leave a statement the community can invest in and go – that’s us, that’s who we are. Even though it’s public art, it’s who we are.”

The sculpture does not yet have a name, but the kids from Hanna and Hartford will visit the sculpture and name it in the bear future.