Cyber forensics perspective on the double homicide case

App designed to protect people in emergency situations (WLFI)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — One of the Delphi teens killed in the double homicide attended an internet safety seminar in 2015.

Purdue cyber forensics graduate student Rachel Sitarz teaches the course. She found out Libby German attended one of those seminars two summers ago.

This summer, Sitarz is releasing a safety application called Blue Box Alert. It has an emergency panic button to call dispatch with a simple touch.

She wishes she would have developed this app back when Libby was in her seminar.

“I imagine that, you know, they weren’t in a situation where they could call, pick up the phone and call 911,” Sitarz said. “But they could have just pressed a button and it sent an alert to dispatch, who knows what we could have prevented.”

She just wishes the app was developed before this incident and the girls could have had at least the panic button to be able to discreetly send an alert to dispatch.

Sitarz said if this case did have some sort of cyber connection, it is a very lengthy process to investigate. People can easily skew their IP address, making it appear they’re physically somewhere else.

But she agrees German was a hero for pressing record that day. Sitarz said any kind of recording, especially live online, is helpful in those situations.

News 18 asked if she gave that advice in her seminar two summers ago, but Sitarz said Libby must have known that on her own or from someone else because she didn’t cover that topic back then.