Nominate someone deserving for Richelle in a Handbasket’s 31 days of kindness campaign

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette specialty goods shop Richelle in a Handbasket is hoping to make the month of March a kind one. Business owner Richelle Peterson will spearhead what she’s calling “31 days of kindness.”

“I decided – it just popped in my head – 31 days of kindness,” said Peterson. “I just thought that this world, with last year being so yucky, that we just need to be kind to each other.”

“We’re asking people to submit stories [about] people in the community and surrounding areas who just need a little kindness. … I’m committed to delivering a $15 gift basket and a box of truffles,” she continued.

Peterson would then have that gift basket delivered to a person who was nominated. The nominated person would then choose another person as the recipient of the truffles.

She says once she started to talk to other local business owners, they wanted to help too. Gas gift cards, automotive packages and even a laptop has been donated to give away in the 31 days of kindness campaign.

“So if someone needs a laptop for school or something, [nominate them],” said Peterson.

If you would like to nominate someone, you can either stop by Richelle in a Handbasket at 2200 Elmwood Ave. or through the store’s website.