It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a superhero museum

ELKHART, Ind. (WISH)—Superhero fans are moving faster than a speeding bullet to the Hoosier state.

An Indiana man opened a superhero museum ten years ago and now the idea’s flying up, up and away.

Hall of Heroes, located just off 17th St. in Elkhart, features more than 60,000 comic books and more than 10,000 figurines. Allen Stewart runs the museum.

“When I was in high school collecting this stuff, I couldn’t get any dates,” Stewart said with a laugh. “Now I’m super cool. I’ve got all these Hollywood props.”

Stewart shows off a sports car smashed in the 2008 “Iron Man,” film. He displays a motorcycle Nicolas Cage rode in “Ghost Rider.” The museum features an autographed shield used by Chris Evans in “Captain America,” and even a Batman suit worn by actor Adam West.

“I really enjoy it. I’ve collected for 40 years. Never got bored with it. Never got tired of it,” Stewart said.

Mary and Mike Toler took the afternoon off to check out the comic books. Some of the comics are 75 years old. A more recent print features President Barack Obama on the cover of a Spiderman comic.

“It’s quite a collection and it does bring back memories,” Mike said.

“It does take you back. At our age, it takes you back,” Mary said.

Stewart said he’s running out of room for all his memorabilia. He plans on moving the museum to a bigger location next year in either Elkhart or South Bend.

He built the museum through online auctions, donations and lucky finds at comic conventions. Stewart said, in the last four years, five national TV shows highlighted Hall of Heroes, including one featuring comic book legend Stan Lee.

“We went from being a local museum to a national attraction,” Stewart said. “I love the comics. I love the history. We’re the only organization preserving the history.”

Hall of Heroes is located at 58005 Co Rd 105, Elkhart, IN 46517. Admission is $6 and $4 for kids younger than nine. The museum features a superhero villain-themed haunted house every October.