Frankfort officials work to battle drug epidemic

City of Frankfort (WLFI Photo)

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WLFI) – Officials in the city of Frankfort are working relentlessly to tackle the ongoing drug epidemic.

In an open letter to the residents of Frankfort, Mayor Chris McBarnes takes it upon himself to address the city’s battle with drugs.

“I wanted to let my community know that I felt very strongly about this and I’m calling on them, along with me doing my job, to help curb this issue we face in society,” McBarnes said.

In his letter, he states there has been a 21 percent increase in adult drug violation arrests than compared to this time last year. This year alone, 30 percent of arrests have been drug-related.

“We live it, I see it on the street I live on every single day,” McBarnes said. “This is about doing what’s best for our neighbors.”

He said although many people look to up to political figures to solve problems, it takes a whole community to make a difference.

“We all need to be out in the trenches, every single day, along with supporting our officers, supporting our local elected officials, so that we allocate the proper resources to do the job we need to do,” said McBarnes.

Police Chief Troy Bacon said he applauds McBarnes’ ongoing efforts.

“He understands what police can and can’t do, and I think it’s important to have a mayor that understands that because him understanding that he knows the challenges we have and he also understands the efforts we’re putting forth to stop drugs,” Bacon said.

For those battling drug addiction, McBarnes wants it to be known that help is available.

“We want those people to know they’re loved, that we’re not ashamed of them,” McBarnes said. “We know they need help, that this is a disease, and we as a community want to band around them so that they can have a successful, happy life and break free from the addiction that they struggle with.”

But for those feeding into the epidemic, McBarnes has a stern message.

“You don’t wanna be a drug dealer in the city of Frankfort right now. You are not welcome here and eventually we will catch you,” said McBarnes.