End domestic violence through safe, accountable interventions

The Character Restoration Center offers a safe and accountable intervention to end their abusive behaviors

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — One Lafayette program is providing participants a safe and accountable intervention to end abusive behaviors.

Harry Heyer, who owns and operates The Character Restoration Center of Lafayette, said research shows that domestic violence is happening in one out of every three or four homes across the nation.

Heyer said the program is designed to help men and women end abusive behaviors. Classes run from an hour-and-half to two hours long.

“That’s usually part of the problem is that, you know, we live in what I like to call fast-food society,” Heyer said. “So we want what we want, really quick like a magic wand or a magic pill, and they don’t exist.”

Participants have to attend the program for at least 26 weeks. This is an Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence standard.

Heyer said more hours are needed because our brain can ignore, or minimize, the patterns of negative behavior.

“Usually, that group setting you’ll hear other people talk about something and it really kind of opens your eyes and your ears
to where this is a pattern that’s going on and you don’t want it to get to a dangerous level,” he said.

Heyer said it takes time to recognize the problem. He said abusers and victims may minimize, or justify, the behavior.

One participant has attended almost 70 classes.

“He freely admits to the class every week that in probably the first 50 weeks he didn’t learn anything because he just didn’t want to see the truth,” said Heyer.

There are resources in the area to get help, but accepting the truth and going to programs are the first steps to end domestic violence.

“But that they hear it from their peers, and to know that I’m just not saying it because I’m the teacher or that’s my job is really powerful,” Heyer said.

The following list are some resources available: